Kilimanjaro :: Easier transport - less corruption


I would like to present you, that I intend to develop to help some African countries in the field of transport including registration of motor vehicles, motorcycle, moped, tractors or buses. The idea is to develop a mobile application that will allow every citizen who buys a new car to go through the car licence plate application by indicating all information in a few minutes.

The main goal is to overcome many disadvanted of the current registration systems, especially ccrruption and bribery.

Putting these kinds of software in place will not only save time and money for government and users, but it will be much cheaper compared to travel and the usual waiting periods in front of the offices that take hours and hours of work or even days for some.

Goals of the project

We aim to create a first minimale viable demonstrator of such an application which can work with the advaced mobile phone payment systems availabe in West Africa (e.g.  Orange Money or M-pesa).

Skills being sought
  • Curiosity (The only must have skill)
  • Basic knowledge of App development
  • Basic knowledge of python

Curiosity and the believe to be able changing the world in a better place.

Mussa Cande --
Karolos Potamianos --
Daniel Dobos --